Sunday, January 1, 2017

Medieval Love Lorn

Below are a collection of stories regarding the Medieval Love Lorn. Will they find their True Love?

Each story is based upon the rules for the Bachelor Challenge, with a few tweeks.  (1st- I didn't want a hot tub at the castle, so I substituted various group date situations. 2nd-  if a Contestant falls alseep in their color bed, then they are rewarded with an additional "appreciate" by Bachelor(ette) in the morning!)
The Charming Bachelor - The time had come for the Bachelor Prince to marry.  His mother invited all the princesses of marriageable age from neighboring kingdoms to compete for his favor.  Which lady will win his hand... and his heart?

The Lonely Princes - These Lonely Princes are looking for love.  But which Princess will be given another chance at True Love?

Second Chance at Love - The  Beast's heart was broken from Princess Jasmine's abrupt change of heart.  Rather than retreating to his castle to lick his wounds, he's decided to give love a second chance.  Maybe he'll get it right the second time around...